Deep sea fishing Roatan companies know that wahoo is a fish worth chasing.  Found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters worldwide, the wahoo may not be the most well known game fish, but it’s becoming a more popular target amongst ocean fishers.  Its iridescent blue back and silver sides allow it to hide in deep waters, but give it an appealing look. Wahoo have very sharp teeth, so if you’re bringing one onboard, you need to be careful.  In this article we’ll go over some of the reasons why wahoo is becoming a more popular target for anglers. Deep Sea Fishing Roatan for Wahoo: GoodRead More →

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Many people may know mahi mahi from the restaurant menu.  As a whitefish it’s said to have a taste similar to cod or grouper which aren’t overly oily or fishy tasting.  It’s lean flesh gives it a firm texture when cooked and leads to large flakes that are quite moist.  The skin must be removed as it’s very thick and tough.  Because of its menu value, mahi mahi is an important commercial fish.  More than half the world’s catch originates from Japan and is exported to restaurants around the world. Here are some interesting facts about Mahi mahi, a fish that is commonly caught onRead More →