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There is no better way to experience Roatan than with born and raised Islander, Artley Gentle. Blue Cool Running Tours offers the most memorable Roatan deep sea fishing, snorkeling and sightseeing tours on the island and will be the highlight of your visit! Whether you are seeking an action packed private fishing charter adventure to feel the thrill of the bite and battle or a relaxing day snorkeling the pristine waters around Roatan’s stunning reefs, a sunset cruise or tour of the island, we offer something for everyone. Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

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Roatan Deep Sea Fishing

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Roatan Snorkeling Tours

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Captain Artley

A fisherman for over 20 years, Artley knows Roatan inside out and has a wealth of knowledge for secret fish spots, species habits, and multiple catching techniques. Born and raised on the island, Artley is a respected captain and winner of multiple fishing tournaments.

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banana bad luck deep sea fishing

It seems every sport has its superstitions.  Certain winning coaches are loathe to change their lucky necktie.  Some players refuse to shave as long as their winning streak continues.  Other players have a lucky number that they wear no matter what team they play for.   Well, the sport fishing business is no different.  You may not have heard about it, but it is considered very unlucky to bring bananas on a boat when you’re setting off on a Roatan fishing trip. This extends even farther than just the fruit itself.  Superstitious fishers have been known to get spooked by other banana based foods suchRead More →

Deep sea fishing Roatan companies know that wahoo is a fish worth chasing.  Found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters worldwide, the wahoo may not be the most well known game fish, but it’s becoming a more popular target amongst ocean fishers.  Its iridescent blue back and silver sides allow it to hide in deep waters, but give it an appealing look. Wahoo have very sharp teeth, so if you’re bringing one onboard, you need to be careful.  In this article we’ll go over some of the reasons why wahoo is becoming a more popular target for anglers. Deep Sea Fishing Roatan for Wahoo: GoodRead More →